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The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) is the United Nations system’s designated entity for addressing environmental issues at the global and regional level. Its mandate is to coordinate the development of environmental policy consensus by keeping the global environment under review and bringing emerging issues to the attention of governments and the international community for action (www.unep.org).

The Mid Term Strategy 2022-2025 of UNEP states that UNEP communications will help deliver coherence and consistency across the broad spectrum of environmental action. Communication efforts will be informed by the latest available science, including social science, and will be aimed at shaping the global narrative around the environment by generating political and social commitments and bringing about the societal and policy changes required to tackle environmental challenges.

UNEP adopts a highly innovative approach to its communications, using its growing foothold in digital spheres and social media spaces to reach and engage with an expanding range of audiences and stakeholders. UNEP focuses on empowering individuals and groups for environmental action, placing emphasis on voices from sectors and actors typically outside the environment space. UNEP amplifies the voices of youth, consumers, environmental entrepreneurs, activists, innovation leaders and organizations, among others.

The Communications division implements global campaigns to mobilize public action towards addressing the triple planetary crisis of climate change, ecosystem degradation and waste and pollution. This includes, but not limited, to the World Environment Day, Sustainable Fashion programme, beat plastic pollution, clean seas, and others.

This internship opportunity will focus on supporting the Sustainable Fashion programme. The implications of sustainable fashion are not confined to the environment, but also social impacts. Greening the value-chain creates new jobs and opportunities for rural workers, especially smallholder farmers or those working in forestry. In the face of growing environmental threats, there is an urgent need to radically change our consumption and production systems. In this regard, a more sustainable fashion industry has a critical role to play.

This online internship is located within the communications division, Public Advocacy and Communication Section with close collaboration with the Consumption and Production Unit of the Economy Division. The intern will be under the direct supervision of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Communication Division, Chief of Public Advocacy and Communication Section.

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Nairobi, Communication Division, Public Advocacy and Communication Section, remote internship is for six (6) months.

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In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, applicants may be requested to undertake the internship remotely in view of constraints regarding visa issuance, international travel and access to UN premises. Applicants must be willing and prepared to undertake the internship remotely for a part or the entirety of the internship. The work hours during the internship shall be determined based on individual discussion between the intern and the supervisor(s) taking into consideration the minimum requirements of the Organization and the time difference between the hosting office and the location of the intern.

The Internship is UNPAID and full-time.

Interns work five days per week under the supervision of a staff member in the department or office to which they are assigned.


Daily responsibilities will depend on the individual’s background; the intern’s assigned office as well as the internship period.

Under the direct supervision of the Chief of Public Advocacy and Communication Section, the intern will:
– Assist in implementing the Sustainable Fashion initiative by supporting the section head and manager of the initiative in doing research and strategic analysis.
– Support outreach activities and the promotion of the UNEP sustainable communication playbook and fashion campaign.
– Assist in the development of presentations and communication materials for advocating and promoting sustainability in textiles in international events, meetings, or conferences (COP, Paris Fashion Week).
– Assist in the UN Alliance on Sustainable Fashion regular meetings.
– Support the updating of the UNEP fashion communication website and the knowledge management database of the related projects.
– Support the drafting of attractive case studies on fashion communication and review of UNEP materials of the topic.
– Support in developing the newsletter for the UNEP textile community and in updating the general UNEP textile value chain website


Communication: Speaks and writes clearly and effectively. Listens to others, correctly interprets messages from others and responds appropriately. Asks questions to clarify, and exhibits interest in having two-way communication. Tailors language, tone, style and format to match the audience. Demonstrates openness in sharing information and keeping people informed.

Teamwork: Works collaboratively with colleagues to achieve organizational goals. Solicits input by genuinely valuing others’ ideas and expertise; is willing to learn from others. Places team agenda before personal agenda. Supports and acts in accordance with final group decision, even when such decisions may not entirely reflect own position. Shares credit for team accomplishments and accepts joint responsibility for team shortcomings.

Client orientation: Considers all those to whom services are provided to be “clients” and seeks to see things from clients’ point of view. Establishes and maintains productive partnerships with clients by gaining their trust and respect. Identifies clients’ needs and matches them to appropriate solutions. Monitors ongoing developments inside and outside the clients’ environment to keep informed and anticipate problems. Keeps clients informed of progress or setbacks in projects. Meets timeline for delivery of products or services to client.

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Applicants must at the time of application meet one of the following requirements:
a. Be enrolled in a graduate school programme (second university degree or equivalent, or higher);
b. Be enrolled in the final academic year of a first university degree program (minimum Bachelor’s level or equivalent);
c. Have graduated with Bachelor’s degree, Masters, PhD or equivalent

Be computer literate in standard software applications (Microsoft Office);

Have demonstrated keen interest in the work of the United Nations and have a personal commitment to the ideals of the Charter;

Have a demonstrated ability to successfully interact with individuals of different cultural backgrounds and beliefs, which include willingness to try and understand and be tolerant of differing opinions and views.

Preferred areas of studies:
Environmental Studies, Communications, Media Studies, International Relations or Journalism, and other Social Sciences, including Sociology, Theology, and Political Science, as well as in the areas of Information and Knowledge Management or related field.

Work Experience

No working experience is required to apply for the United Nations Internship Programme. Your training, education, advance course work or skills should benefit the United Nations during your internship.

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Proficiency in computer software applications (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint) is required.

Experience in communication and/or textiles activities is desirable.


English and French are the working languages of the United Nations Secretariat. For this internship, fluency in oral and written English is required. Knowledge of another official UN language is desirable.


Potential candidates will be contacted by hiring manager directly for further consideration.

Special Notice

Your application for this internship must include:
1. A completed application (Personal History Profile) and Cover Note, through the UN careers Portal. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

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The Cover Note must include:

– Title of the degree you are currently pursuing
– Graduation Date
– IT skills and programmes you are proficient in (word, excel, power point, Social Media platforms)
– Explain why you are the best candidate for this specific internship

Explain your interest in the United Nations Internship Programme, ensure to include all past work experience (if any).

2. Proof of enrollment from current University (if not graduated).

3. A copy of degree certificate (if you have already graduated).

Candidate should be either residing in Lebanon or willing to relocate to Lebanon at their own expense.

Due to a high volume of applications received, ONLY successful candidates will be contacted.


Does UNEP pay their interns? ›

The internship is unpaid.

How hard is it to get an internship with the UN? ›

Internships in the United Nations are competitive and can be difficult to get. Reported success rates of internship applications to the UN are less than 10%. Interning at the UN is very prestigious and, with applicants from all over the world, securing an internship at the UN can be a challenge.

Are UN interns in Kenya paid? ›

Cost: United Nations interns are not paid. All costs related to travel, insurance, accommodation, and living expenses must be borne by either the interns or their sponsoring institutions. Visa: You will be responsible for obtaining and financing the necessary visas.

What is the best way to get a job at the UN? ›

UN Careers

Professional positions are available by applying on the Careers Portal, or through the examination process. Candidates for jobs in the General Service and related categories, including those in the trades and crafts, security and safety, secretarial and other support positions, are recruited locally.

What is the minimum salary for an Intern? ›

What is the starting salary for a Intern in India? Average starting Salary for Intern in India is around ₹0.1 Lakh per year (₹833.3 per month).

Do you get paid during an internship? ›

Many internship experiences are paid

Still, you may find an unpaid internship available from time to time. It may be worth considering an unpaid internship, depending on the kind of experience you're looking for.

How do I pass UN interviews? ›

Useful tips for your interview:
  1. Prepare a wide range of brief real life stories about your accomplishments. ...
  2. Be ready to discuss your strengths and your ability to learn from past experiences. ...
  3. Review the competencies mentioned in the job opening.

Why is it so hard to get a job in United Nations? ›

The main reasons UN jobs are difficult to get include language requirements, high competition, specific needs for skills and experience, high-level education, the often-complex UN recruitment process and that the UN wants to recruit a diversely as possible.

Does working for the UN pay well? ›

The UN generally pays well

There's a wide range of salaries within the UN system, but generally, the pay is good. The UN has a specific pay structure for Field service and Professional & higher categories. The salary level for Professional staff is set by referring to the highest-paying national civil service.

How much are Nairobi interns paid? ›

KES 20,000/mo

Is UN salary tax free in Kenya? ›

Salaries, grants and allowances paid by the United Nations are normally exempt from income tax.

How much is UN internship stipend? ›

The sums presented are estimates.
UNOPSBetween USD 770 and USD 850/month
WFPUp to USD 1,000/month
UPUBetween 960 and 1,000 euro/month
WBBetween USD 20 and USD 30/hour
15 more rows
Jan 13, 2022

Is it hard to get a job at UN? ›

It is generally considered hard to get a job at the UN for several main reasons: language skills requirements, high competition, specific experience, and a rigorous selection process.

How long does it take to get hired by the United Nations? ›

While some organisations and agencies fill positions quickly, others move slowly; this often depends on the size if the organisation and the urgency to fill a role. The end to end process of applying to securing a job with the United Nations system can take up to 4 months or even longer!

Is it difficult to get to UN? ›

The UN job application process is complex, and you will need to go through multiple stages with hundreds of candidates. Entry-level positions require a minimum of a master's degree or a bachelor's degree and two years of experience in your field.

Is $15 an hour good for an internship? ›

The average hourly wage rate for a bachelor's degree intern is about $15 to $16. Generally, the closer to the terminal degree, the higher the internship wage. A college senior, for example, averages more than a student who just completed the freshman year: $18 versus $14 per hour.

What do most internships pay per hour? ›

As of Jan 27, 2023, the average hourly pay for an Intern in the United States is $15.37 an hour. While ZipRecruiter is seeing hourly wages as high as $29.57 and as low as $5.77, the majority of Intern wages currently range between $12.02 (25th percentile) to $17.55 (75th percentile) across the United States.

What is a good monthly salary for an Intern? ›

While ZipRecruiter is seeing monthly salaries as high as $3,375 and as low as $1,042, the majority of Internship salaries currently range between $1,916 (25th percentile) to $2,750 (75th percentile) across the United States.

How long is a internship? ›

An internship is a job training program usually completed within 10 to 12 weeks or during an academic semester. However, their duration varies from a few weeks to an entire year. Internships are more common among high school or college students and other entry-level professionals.

Is it worth doing paid internship? ›

An internship is a terrific way to gain practical work experience and bolster your resume, especially for college students and university graduates seeking their first job.

Why do interns not get paid? ›

Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) of 1938, any employee of a for-profit company must be paid for their work. However, interns are not considered employees under the FLSA.

What is the passing score in an interview? ›

22. Generally, the interview pass rate should be around 30–50%.

What are the chances of passing an interview? ›

How Many Interviews Does it Take to Get a Job?
  • All job seekers have a 26.24% probability of receiving a job offer. ...
  • Job seekers have a 36.89% chance of receiving a job offer after having one interview. ...
  • Job seekers who have had three job interviews have a 51% chance of getting hired.
Oct 25, 2022

How can I avoid passing an interview? ›

Interview Mistakes to Avoid During the Interview
  1. You're Late to Arrive. ...
  2. You Pretend You Know an Answer That You Don't. ...
  3. Too Much Name Dropping. ...
  4. You're Too Rehearsed. ...
  5. You Have No Questions Prepared, Especially at the End of the Interview. ...
  6. You Use Too Much Jargon. ...
  7. You Let a Small Mistake Derail You.

Do UN workers travel a lot? ›

Many UN workers get to travel to many different countries throughout their career and this can definitely be one of the reasons the UN is a good place to work. UN staff can also travel to countries or areas experiencing disasters or conflicts.

What qualifications do I need to work in the United Nations? ›

Normally, it is required that you have an advanced university degree for the professional and director level positions. It is, however, frequently accepted that if you have a first-level university degree, combined with qualifying work experience, you meet the educational requirements.

How do I get a job in the UN with no experience? ›

United Nations internships can be a great way to start a career within the UN if you don't have experience. They are specifically aimed at students, recent graduates and young professionals and so if you do not have previous professional experience, UN internships can be some of the best roles to go for.

How much do UN jobs pay in Kenya? ›

United Nations in Nairobi, Kenya Salaries
Job TitleLocationSalary
Program Management Assistant salaries - 1 salaries reportedNairobi, KenyaKES 1,560,000/yr
Senior Administrative Assistant salaries - 1 salaries reportedNairobi, KenyaKES 540,000/yr
Security Officer salaries - 1 salaries reportedNairobi, KenyaKES 2,472,000/yr
11 more rows

Are UN salaries tax free? ›

Income is calculated by day rate. UN employees don't need to pay income tax due to tax treaty.

What is the dress code for UN staff? ›

Dress Code

Professional business attire is a business jacket, dress shirt, tie, slacks/skirt/dress, and dress shoes. Professional dress expectations require that dresses and skirts be knee length. Delegates should be dressed in professional business attire that reflects their self-identified gender.

What is the salary in Nairobi? ›

The average salary for a Nairobi Area is KES 120,000 per month in Nairobi, Kenya.

Are interns entitled to leave in Kenya? ›

The rights of an intern depend entirely on their employment status. If an intern is classed as a worker, then they are normally due the national Minimum Wage. Internships are sometimes referred to as work placements or work experience. These terms unfortunately have no legal terms status on their own.

How much is an intern paid in Kenya? ›

Intern Salaries
Job TitleSalary
Kenya Revenue Authority Intern salaries - 62 salaries reportedKES 15,000/mo
KCB Bank Intern salaries - 17 salaries reportedKES 20,000/mo
Kenya Power Intern salaries - 15 salaries reportedKES 12,000/mo
Public Service Commission of Kenya Intern salaries - 15 salaries reportedKES 25,000/mo
16 more rows
4 days ago

Do foreigners pay tax in Kenya? ›

Is foreign income taxable in Kenya? Kenya operates a source based tax system, meaning that income is only subject to tax in Kenya if it accrued in or was derived from Kenya. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule such that income earned outside Kenya is taxable in Kenya.

How much do UN Volunteers get paid in Kenya? ›

UNV in Nairobi, Kenya Salaries
Job TitleLocationSalary
UNEP UNV salaries - 1 salaries reportedNairobi, KenyaKES 81,000/mo

How much is salary tax in Kenya? ›

Your average tax rate is 15.8% and your marginal tax rate is 31.4%. This marginal tax rate means that your immediate additional income will be taxed at this rate. For instance, an increase of KSh 100 in your salary will be taxed KSh 31.40, hence, your net pay will only increase by KSh 68.60.

How much is a UN volunteer paid? ›

Un Volunteer Salary
Annual SalaryHourly Wage
Top Earners$55,000$26
75th Percentile$42,500$20
25th Percentile$26,000$12

How to prepare for the United Nations exam? ›

Practice reading in the language in which you are going to take the test for the Verbal Reasoning section. Practice basic arithmetic skills such as calculating percentages and changes in percentages. Familiarise yourself with the United Nations Core Values and Competencies Framework.

Do you need a college degree to work for the UN? ›

While the UN does offer some internship programs and volunteer programs that are open to candidates with just a bachelor's degree, a master's degree is a crucial ingredient for most people who are looking for consultancies or international staff positions with the United Nations.

How long does it take to hear back from an UN internship? ›

If you don't receive anything within 3-6 months, I would suggest applying again. From what I hear around the office, most departments take interns at least once a year, so keeping yourself at the forefront should eventually get you seen if your application is suitable.

How many candidates are usually shortlisted for interview in UN? ›

A short-list of candidates should consist of a minimum of two and (generally) a maximum of four candidates.

Is it hard to get into UN internship? ›

Internships in the United Nations are competitive and can be difficult to get. Reported success rates of internship applications to the UN are less than 10%. Interning at the UN is very prestigious and, with applicants from all over the world, securing an internship at the UN can be a challenge.

What is the easiest way to get job at the United Nations? ›

UN Careers

Professional positions are available by applying on the Careers Portal, or through the examination process. Candidates for jobs in the General Service and related categories, including those in the trades and crafts, security and safety, secretarial and other support positions, are recruited locally.

Is it good to volunteer for UN? ›

Being a UN Volunteer is not a career (you are currently limited to four years of service), but it is rich with opportunities and experience and offers huge personal rewards. As a UN Volunteer you receive a Volunteer Living Allowance (VLA) which covers basic needs, housing and utilities.

Which UN agencies pay their interns? ›

How to get Paid internships in the UN?
  • UNICEF (partly paid).
  • WFP - World Food Programme.
  • International Organization for Migration.
  • ILO - International Labour Organization.
  • If you would like to get notices about paid internships daily, we have great news for you!

How much do Program interns get paid at UN? ›

KES 360,000. The estimated total pay for a Internship at United Nations is KES 360,000 per year.

Do interns get paid in internship? ›

Paid internships, compared to unpaid ones, are few and far between. While you may succeed in finding a paid internship, the chances of you getting one in your field of choice are low. Many students compromise and end up pursuing paid internships in a different industry. It's not an industry they trained for.

What do most interns get paid? ›

As of Jan 27, 2023, the average hourly pay for an Intern in the United States is $15.37 an hour.

How are interns paid in Kenya? ›

It should be noted that all public government institutions which get interns through the Public Service Commission are mandated to pay interns a monthly stipend of Kshs 25,000 per month. Don't be put off by the internship salaries in Kenya as those that pay are fewer.

What is the money paid to interns called? ›

Key Takeaways

A stipend is a form of compensation paid to certain individuals to help cover basic costs while they receive career training. Stipends may be offered in lieu of or in addition to a salary. Interns, apprentices, fellows, and clergy are common recipients of stipends.

Why doesn t the UN pay its interns? ›

So why doesn't the U.N. pay its interns? According to Ahmad Fawzi, director of the United Nations Information Service in Geneva, the answer lies with a General Assembly resolution backed by member states that allows the United Nations to offer internships but doesn't allow it to offer payment for them.

How long does it take to hear from UN internship? ›

If you don't receive anything within 3-6 months, I would suggest applying again. From what I hear around the office, most departments take interns at least once a year, so keeping yourself at the forefront should eventually get you seen if your application is suitable.

How do UN employees get paid? ›

You will receive a salary which is paid on the basis of a worldwide scale and benefits which take account of your dependants and the cost of living at your duty station.

Do interns always get hired? ›

Internships are the test drive employers need before they seal the deal—so interns, this is your shot to show you're a worthy hire. Do it well and you could be part of the nearly 52% of interns offered full-time jobs, according to research by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE).


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