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Backed byone of the largest natural gas and oil reserves, the sovereign Arab emirate ofQatar has one of the wealthiest economies in the world. It is also known tohave one of the highest per capita incomes in the world, with the UnitedNations classifying the emirate as a country with very high human development.

Apart fromoil and gas, Qatar also has a highly established healthcare industry. Thismakes it a highly preferred destination for healthcare professionals fromcountries such as India. However, there are a few things you need to knowbefore you move to this country.

In thisguide, you will know;

  • The Healthcare Industry in Qatar
  • Average Work Hours and Salary for Healthcare Professionals in Qatar
  • Career Opportunities for Healthcare Professionals in the country
  • Lifestyle in Qatar
  • Weather in Qatar
  • Challenges For Overseas Healthcare Professionals Living and Working inQatar

How is the Healthcare Industry in Qatar

Living and Working in Qatar for Healthcare Professionals - A Complete Guide | Welcome to our blog (1)

A report released by Alpen Capitalsuggests that Qatar has the highest per capita healthcare spending in theentire GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) at $2,043. Moreover, as per a report on Doha News, Qatar’shealthcare spending is expected to double by 2020. Also, at 78.1 years, Qatarhas one of the highest life expectancies in the world.

All ofthese statistics suggest that the healthcare sector in this Arab Emirates isexpected to grow significantly in the coming years. This makes it an excellenttime to look for healthcare jobs inQatar. But what about the living and working conditions here? What are thelifestyle and challenges? What is the average salary of healthcareprofessionals in Qatar? Are there adequate growth opportunities? Let us have alook-

What are the Average Work Hours and Salary forHealthcare Professionals in Qatar?

Just likemost other Middle-Easters countries, weekends are on Fridays and Saturdays. So,as a doctor, nurse, or medical technician here, you will be generally requiredto work from Sunday to Thursday for 8-10 hours per day. Many of the healthcarefacilities have rotational shifts where all the staff members get 1 or 2 daysoff per week.

Talkingabout the salary-

  • Nurses- The average salary in nursing jobs in Qatar generally rangesbetween QAR 4,000 (Rs. 78,000) to QAR 10,000 (Rs. 198,000). Registered Nurses(RNs) with considerable experience of working in Qatar generally have highersalaries.
  • Doctors- For doctors, theaverage monthly compensation abundantly depends on their specialization andexperience. While a General Physician can earn QAR 10,000 (Rs. 198,000) to QAR18,000 (Rs. 350,000), specialists like Paediatricians, Neurologists,Cardiologists, and Obstetricians can earn from QAR 12,000 (Rs. 235,000) to QAR25,000 (Rs. 485,000) per month.
  • Technicians- For medicaltechnicians, the monthly salary can range between QAR 3,000 (Rs. 58,000) to QAR10,000 (Rs. 198,000) based on their speciality.

The salarygenerally includes the basic salary, accommodation allowance, transportallowance, and other allowance. The salary is tax-free, and some of theemployers do offer extra benefits like annual air tickets, vacation days, andmore. Also, most hospitals do offer shared accommodation to their staff closeto the facility.

Career Growth for Healthcare Professionals inQatar

There areplenty of growth opportunities in Qatar’s healthcare industry. You can gain therequired experience and appear for exams to boost your career. For instance,nurses can begin their career as a Registered General Nurse (RGN) in Qatar. Incase if you do have a certain nursing speciality, you can also be a RegisteredMidwife (RM) or Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS).

If you dohave advanced academic background and experience, you can also register as aNurse Practitioner (NP). Even if you are looking for jobs for nurses in Qatar and only have staff nurse experience, youdo get plenty of opportunities to grow and land high-paying nursing jobs in thefuture. Some colleges offer many different types of Diploma and Graduationcourses for nurses.

What is the Lifestyle in Qatar?

Living and Working in Qatar for Healthcare Professionals - A Complete Guide | Welcome to our blog (2)

While Qataris one of the richest per capita countries in the world, it is also one of thesmallest. The total area of Qatar is just 11,571 square kilometers. But thelifestyle here is unlike what you’d experience in Saudi Arabia. While it sharescultural beliefs with other Islamic countries, it is more liberal. Forinstance, liquor sale is not illegal in Qatar.

There is apermit system that allows ex-pats to purchase liquor, but it can only be usedat home. Some of the high-end hotels and clubs also serve alcohol. Most ofthese are located at Doha, which is the capital and also the most populatedcity in Qatar. Moreover, Qatar is also known to have a lively nightlife.

There arealso beaches, malls, gardens, resorts, and shopping centers that are denselycrowded with locals and ex-pats during the weekends.

How is the Weather of Qatar?

Like mostother Middle-Eastern countries, Doha has a desert-type climate. The summers aregenerally sweltering, with temperatures reaching up to 45°C during the summermonths of May to October.

Winters aremild, and the average temperature ranges between 15°C to 25°C. Rainfall isscarce and less than 100mm per year.

Challenges of Working as a HealthcareProfessional in Qatar

Whilehealthcare and jobs for nurses in Qatar comewith a decent salary and employee benefits, you should also know about the everydaychallenges of working here. Some of the biggest ones are as follows-

Opportunities Only for Deserving Healthcare Professionals

Qatar is asmall country. This means that while there are excellent opportunitiesavailable, they are short in supply. Needless to say, you are competing for ahealthcare job here against professionals from all over the world.

So, yourequired to be one of the best in your field to get a job at one of the tophealthcare facilities in Qatar.

New Law to Protect the Arabic Language

WhileEnglish is very commonly spoken in Qatar, a new law has been recentlyintroduced to protect the Arabic language. As per the law, government agencies,public bodies, and ministries are required to use only the Arabic languagecompulsorily. As communication plays a vital role in the healthcare industry,the law can make things difficult for ex-pat medical professionals.

Fortunately,Arabic is not a very difficult language to learn. You can do a short Arabiclanguage course once you are in Qatar to better meet the job requirements.

Other Common Challenges

Here aresome other challenges ex-pats generally face in Qatar-

Qatar is Expensive

Whilenecessities like electricity and water are highly affordable, Qatar is mostlyan expensive country. So, while searching for healthcare and nursing jobs in Qatar, do make surethat you select an employer that pays a decent salary and offers accommodationallowance.

Summers are Very Hot

The entireMiddle East is well-known for its high summer temperatures, and Qatar is nodifferent. While every possible place is air-conditioned, it can feel veryuncomfortable, especially between June and August.

Reckless Driving

A lot ofpeople visiting Qatar for the first time are generally of the opinion that alot of people drive very recklessly here. Car accidents used to be very commonin the past, but the government has now taken strict measures to reduce them.

Expensive Driving License

Also, whilefuel is cheap and even used cars are affordable, getting a driving license inQatar is costly if you don’t already have a driving license in your country.This is because you are required to take a driving course, which can cost up toQAR 3,000 (Rs. 60,000).

Moving to Qatar as an Indian HealthcareProfessional

Fromexcellent salaries, employee benefits, to a high quality of living, severalreasons make Qatar a superb choice for anyone looking for healthcare jobs in aforeign country.

The Arabemirate also offers ample opportunities to grow and build a rewarding careerthat you have always dreamed for yourself. Trust a reliable manning agency for healthcare jobs in Qatar, and you willrealize your dream job was closer than expected.

How Can Dynamic Health Staff Help?

With morethan 40 years of experience, we thoroughly understand the intricacies of theentire manning procedure. Over the years, we have helped thousands ofhealthcare professionals move to several foreign countries and build rewardingcareers.

Apart fromstaffing services, we also offer several other facilities like counseling andOET training to help you understand the eligibility criteria and registrationrequirements of different jobs and increase your chances of landing jobs atreputed hospitals and healthcare facilities all over the world.

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