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“There are many recruiters in the marketplace these days, but Henry stood out with his fast response, professional approach, and friendly demeanor. I highly recommend!”


United States

“I respect a timely response when working with recruiters. Oliver is exceptional in his follow up. He provides feedback and direction with details in a timely manner. It is a pleasure to work with Oliver. I would highly recommend working with Oliver, he is first class professional.”


United States

“Andrew worked with me to find a new position in the engineering industry. He was extremely professional and personable, and I enjoyed working with him very much. He helped me find a position that was very different from anything that fit my skill set and interests. He worked with me to make sure that the position I accepted was the right choice for me, and that it will allow me to grow personally and professionally. I would use him again without a doubt.”

Petar Kovacevic

Assistant Project Manager

“Amber is knowledgeable, passionate and most importantly, she is fantastic at what she does!Amber has been responsible for helping me start my career at an amazing company in my dream position. I could not be more grateful for the thoughtful advice and communication of this intelligent and vibrant professional every step of the way.”

Saba Shamsuddin

Export Marketing Manager

“I found Joseph to be extremely professional in every way when going through a recent recruitment process, always doing the things he promised he would do. Recommended.”

Keith Parvin

Automation Division Director

“Amber was a true professional from our initial contact and extremely transparent in her ability to create a win/win situation for both parties in her determined recruiting efforts.”

Chris Emery

Commercial & Operations Executive

“This opportunity fell on my lap at the perfect time and the overall process with Christopher was great. It was a very smooth transition and he was there to help with any questions I had every step of the way.”


United States

“Working with Joseph was a seamless and positive experience from our first contact along with the various steps of the hiring process. Joseph was very proactive and set clear expectations of the role as he was very professional while keeping me informed of where the company was at following each round of interviews.”

Michael Wilson

Senior Account Manager

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“William did an excellent job connecting me with a growing company that ended up being the next step that I took in my career. He was very professional throughout the process and I could tell that he did his research to make sure that I would be a good fit in my new role.Making a career change is not a move to take lightly, but I was able to trust that William would help guide me through the hiring process and ultimately help me grow as a professional.”

Tim Berryman

Mechanical Design Engineer

“Incredibly human oriented executive search, candidates handled with great care and respect, precise and concise information about projects, just-in-time follow-up. I can only recommend Irving Knight as an unprecedented awesome experience compared to others.”



“I enjoyed the opportunity to work with Andrew Skelton on my most recent career move. Andrew took the time to ensure the opportunity he presented me with was a good match. Once I was engaged in the interview process, Andrew was always available to answer my questions, provide feedback, and took a proactive approach to keep me informed. Andrew is a true professional and his transparency earns trustworthiness during the hiring process.”

Clemente Torres

Territory Sales Manager

“Andrew brought a great job to my attention that was a good match for my skill set. He had the technical knowledge to facilitate communication between this engineer and HR and got me and my future employer excited about the opportunity. Highly recommend.”

Michael Weaver

Production Manager

“I was in the lucky situation to be "discovered" by Andy on LinkedIn.Andy is fantastic to work with. He not only possesses a great insight into his clients' businesses and requirements, he is also a great judge of character and has a really good feeling of whether a potential candidate would be a good fit for a company. He keeps both parties’ interests in mind and helps to support very fruitful collaborations. I can strongly recommend Andy to both, companies looking to fill a vacancy, and people looking for new opportunities.”

Sandra Metzger-Zeissl

Marketing Manager

“Andrews hard work and due diligence helped me get where I am today. He is easy to work with and went above and beyond to help me land a great position! I would recommended Andrew to anyone that is seriously considering looking for a new position. You won’t be disappointed!”

Jim Podobnik

Inside Sales Rep

“Working with Joseph was a wonderfully positive experience from our first contact, through acceptance of my job offer. Joseph’s proactive and professional approach introduced me to a fantastic career opportunity, and I am forever thankful. Joseph is a catalyst for career progression and success!”

Kerry Maye

Regional Sales Manager

“Job hunting is tough, but Amber made the process feel easy. I had the pleasure of working with Amber after she reached out to me about an opportunity for an NGS scientist position in the region I was seeking. I was impressed with how knowledgeable, supportive, and communicative Amber was throughout the entire interview process.”

Katherine Leng

Field Science Liaison

“Christopher from Irving Knight handled the overall process well and we managed to get to a successful completion smoothly for the job I wanted! I would recommend working with Christopher if you are looking for a new position in real estate.”



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“My recent experience with Luke Stead was very positive. He was updating me regularly throughout the recruitment process and providing feedback and outcome of the interviews. At every stage he was very consistent in following up. Equally he was able to articulate well my expectations and helped navigate the discussions around my offer and contract. I felt supported and that my interests were being taken care of. Luke was very professional, considerate and attentive which contributed to the successful outcome for both sides.”


United Kingdom

“Thomas Chapman was extremely professional, tenacious, detail oriented, & fun to work with. I really appreciated his thorough follow through and attention detail. Thomas provided timely updates and next steps helping me navigate the DuPont hiring process working in tandem with their regional recruiter & did a fantastic job presenting the opportunity to me, which I was initially hesitant. I am extremely grateful Great job Thomas!”


United States

“Oliver is very good in matching skills of the candidates with the company’s requirements. I personally got benefits of his these skills set.He is polite and hardworking professional, who knows his job to the core.I wish him grand success.”


United States

“I worked with Adam Hockley on a potential role as a plant manager with a building materials company. The whole process was done very professionally and Adam was very easy to work with. Even though we were not able to get the role I feel very confident in working with Irving Knight and Adam in the future.”


Plant Manager

“I've had the pleasure of collaborating with Andrew on several recruiting projects over the last couple of years. Andrew always works diligently to source qualified candidates in a timely manner. I am particularly impressed with Andrew's ability to match candidate qualifications and personality with our organizational culture.”

Rebecca Partin

HR Manager

“Mia is very efficient, reactive and kind.I have enjoyed the recruitment process.”



“The whole process went smoothly and was a really positive experience. Dylon was approachable, helpful and supportive with great advice throughout the process.”



“Throughout my recent job search I was amazed at varying levels of professionalism out there with some recruiters. Andrew, however is professional through and through. Not only does he maintain good and regular contact, he takes the time to fully understand both the client and the candidate requirements and goes that extra mile to ensure positive results for all concerned parties.”

Doug Cleasby

Chief Information Officer

“It was a pleasure working with Joseph on transitioning to a position with a new company.Communication was prompt, open-and-honest, and clear through every stage of the process. He took the time to listen to questions and concerns and follow-ups were always consistent and thorough. This was key in giving me the confidence that the position would be right for me.”

Nika Kuchaidze

Senior Continuous Improvement Chemist

“William Brickhill is a very competent and reputable recruiter. When I was placed in a new professional opportunity, he provided me with exemplary advice and was always available. I can recommend him at any time.”


Nils Oeken

Service Manager

“Joseph is a dedicated professional and a stand up person to work with. His patience and his understanding certainly separate him from the rest. His tailored approach and his ability to listen to his clients make him a joy to work with. I have no doubt that if anyone is looking for services provided that I would recommend Jospeh. I certainly hope to continue working with him if ever needed in the future.”

Daniel Villanueva

Key Account Manager

“Excellent experience working with Luke and Andrew. I have received prompt and professional support during the interview process. The team of Irving Knight provided due diligence service and has shown a deep comprehensive understanding of matching candidates with company candidate requirements and business culture.”



“Joseph was instrumental in making my last professional opportunity happen. He was easy to work with, responsive, and persistent enough without overstepping. He had sufficient and the right content information to answer my questions and even consider a change. Achieving a good fit between the opportunity and the company came across as important to him. Overall a positive experience.”

Kay Witte

Global Director Performance Excellence

“It was my pleasure to work with Dylon. He was in direct contact with the prospective employer throughout the process and provided end-to-end service from approach to close. He was responsive to all of my questions and his proactiveness in moving discussions forward was greatly appreciated.”


United States

“I had a great experience finding the next step in my career with the help of Oliver Kiddy and Irving Knight. Oliver was quick to reach out to discuss the opportunity and answered all my questions. He was present through the entire process from application to hire!”


United States

“Joseph is an expert in recruting people. He has in-depth practical knowledge and helpful by solving potential issues.I would always recommend Joseph in need of a new Job who wants to find suitable alternative for career movement quickly and without unnecessary hassle.”

Franz-Leo Nedo

Territory Sales Manager

“I have had the opportunity to co-operate with Joseph in a process and I found him very proactive in keeping me informed at all stages. He is professional, energetic and very convincing in a good way. Joseph is very good at assessing people and I strongly recommend him as an Executive Search partner.”

Veronica Hagborg

Senior Director Global HR

“Luke was excellent. He got me in contact with the perfect opportunity and provided the best possible support to bring it to a successful end.”

Andreas Menzel


“Amber and Irving Knight helped us recruit our new President & CEO for Curetis USA Inc. - outstanding project management, great execution, unwavering customer commitment and superb communications from A to Z. Within a short period of time she had identified a top notch candidate talent pool and help us manoueuver through this which was really challenging given the public company status for Curetis.”

Oliver Schacht


“It's amazing how Helen can transform complicated processes, requiring multiple people, adjusting multiple schedules into a smooth and efficient process.Helen's support was essential to the success of the project.”

Ruben Escobar

Medical & Scientific Affairs Director

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“Andrew was a pleasure to work with. He brought a great job to my attention that was a excellent match and just what I was looking for. He helped facilitate the whole process and was there to support throughout. Highly recommend.”

Paul Kita

Business Development Manager

“Andrew actively headhunted me for a position at Herco of the Pollet Water Group. I found my experience with him to be both pleasant and professional and he managed the process efficiently from start to finish. I believe the role to be a perfect fit for my professional aspirations and thank Andrew for his assistance.’”

Andreas Ikla

Senior Executive Performance Manager

“Oliver was terrific.I have worked with a few headhunters and he was by far the best.He got the job done in an incredibly fast time.Great communication. Great follow up.”


United States

“Andrew connected me with a great company and new role that I'm excited about, he did so transparently, efficiently and I felt he worked in the best interest of all parties during the process.”

John Leigue

Senior Applications Engineer

“Oliver stepped in when a lot of others wouldn't to help me achieve a job I actually wanted. He's knowledge of the industry and his relationship with his client made all the difference in the world. If you are ever in the market for a position, I would highly recommend working with Oliver and Irving Knight.”


United States

“Joseph was very easy to work with. He was motivated and attentive during his recruitment process, very responsive to any questions or concerns, and ultimately was able to help facilitate a strong connection with my new employer. I appreciate his efforts and definitely recommend Joseph to any professionals looking for new opportunities!”

Tim Staniels

Territory Sales Manager

“It was a pleasure working with Joseph when searching for the next chapter in my career. Proactive, energetic and professional. I would recommend him to anyone looking to take the next step in their profession.”

Kyle Corrigan

Technical Account Manager

“Thank you so much Joseph! You have given me a great support.It was really nice to be in contact with you and I think you have a great understanding and the skills, to bring the right people together.”

Anja Florbach

Digital & Commercial Excellence Manager

“Andrew was a true pleasure to work with. Not only was he extremely professional and responsive, he was very diligent in getting answers, feedback and updates. He placed me at ABB and I couldn't be happier. Although the process took nearly 7 months, Andrew stayed on top of things the whole time. I would and have recommended Andrew's services to others looking to be placed in a new role.”

Darcy Simonis


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