Flatiron School: Reviews, Cost, and Comprehensive Guide (2023)

Flatiron School Bootcamp Reviews and Guide

Flatiron School gives you the ultimate experience to change your career. This complete review will help you find the best courses, financing options, locations, and career options.

This coding school was designed to help students in every field, whether you want to become a software engineer, data scientist, or a UX designer. Let’s take a look at what Flatiron School can do for you.

What Is Flatiron School?

Flatiron School Quick Facts
CostOnline: $16,900, Campus: $16,900
Start DatesRolling Start Date
LocationsAustin, Chicago, Denver, Houston, Manhattan, San Francisco, Seattle, DC., and online
CoursesSoftware Engineering, Data Science, Cybersecurity Engineering, & Product Design
Available ProgramsLive and Flex

Flatiron School is an online and on-campus tech bootcamp that helps students launch new careers in tech.. They specialize in data science, software engineering, product design, and cybersecurity engineering. The school has an intense curriculum and experienced career coaches to help you navigate the tech industry.

Is Flatiron School Worth It?

Flatiron School is worth it if you’re a driven, dedicated student who wants to fast-track learning the skills needed for a new career. The industry-aligned courses will help you develop the right mindset, skills, and knowledge base to excel in tech.

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This coding bootcamp has a rigorous standard of education. Prospective students have access to free lessons in coding, data science, cybersecurity and product design, which assist beginners as they start their journey into tech. These lessons are intended to help you determine if a career in tech might be right for you, and get you ready for the bootcamp interview process.

Flatiron School has a diverse selection of courses, which means you can choose the path that best aligns with your individual strengths and career goals. You can tailor your education to your specific needs. Whether you’re learning live, online, or flex at one of their many locations, Flatiron School can teach everything you need to know about your field. Whether you’re learning live, online, or flex at one of their many locations, Flatiron School can teach everything you need to know about your field.

Flatiron School Job Placement

Flatiron School graduates have gone on to work for companies such as IBM, Citi, Meetup, Liberty Mutual, Chubb, and FuboTV.. They’ve landed lucrative roles such as product managers, data analysts, UX designers, UI designers, and software engineers.

2023 Bootcamps Rankings

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Career success for Flatiron School students is not just something that ‘maybe’ happens. It’s deliberate and a collaborative effort between the students and Flatiron School’s Career Coaching and Employer Partnerships Teams.

Flatiron School’s Career Coaching Team is made up of dedicated career counselors whose mission is to help set you up for long-term success. To get you there, they provide three-pronged support designed to keep you on track of both your professional and personal development goals.

How Much Does Flatiron School Cost?

Flex and Live courses at Flatiron School will cost you $16,900. This school may be on the higher end compared to other bootcamps,you get what you pay for. Flatiron School is known for its quality education and proven outcomes. If the price seems high to you, you can take a look at Flatiron School’s financing options, such as loans payment and scholarship and diversity initiatives.

How to Pay for Flatiron School: Scholarships, Installments

The greatest investment you can make this year is in yourself and your career. Flatiron School has different financing options to make this task easier. Below are some of the ways you can pay for Flatiron School.

Upfront Payment

Paying upfront is an excellent option when you find the course you want to take. You can pay an initial deposit and complete the payment before classes begin. This can take some stress off, because you only have to worry about the money once.

Pay in Installments

Pay in a 12-month no interest installment plan through EdAid.

Loan Financing

Flatiron School works with different loan providers to help students get the funding they need. Ascent Funding and Skills Fund are available to provide eligible students with flexible payment options. Skills Fund provides students with payment plans for up to 36 months, while Climb goes up to 42 months.


Flatiron School leans toward making its courses as accessible as possible.
They offer a variety of scholarships to empower students from diverse backgrounds to break into tech. Flatiron School’s partial Access Scholarship allows students to enroll in courses with no deposit

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Flatiron School Locations

Flatiron School has physical campus locations spread out across the United States to help students break into the tech . Along with these campuses, you can also learn online from anywhere.* Here is a list of Flatiron School locations.

  • Flatiron School New York City
  • Flatiron School Austin
  • Flatiron School Chicago
  • Flatiron School Denver
  • Flatiron School San Francisco
  • Flatiron School Seattle
  • Flatiron School Houston
  • Flatiron School Washington D.C.

The campuses offer online, and immersive programs to help you develop relevant tech skills.

Flatiron School Courses

Flatiron School courses are extremely thorough in helping students learn the skills they need for successful tech careers. The instructors are experienced and have a passion for teaching. Courses are designed to accommodate beginners and those who may already have more experience in the field.

According to Flatiron School reviews, students highly recommend Flatiron School. They say that Flatiron School cares about students and wants you to succeed. Personable service can transform your career.

Flatiron School Free Lessons

Flatiron School has exceptional lessons for beginners in the industry. The free content is curated to help you develop the right mindset to tackle the tech world. Below are some of the introductory courses the school provides.

  1. Intro to Data Science – Beginner data science lessons in Python, data visualization and binomial distribution meant to introduce basic data science topics and provide a sample of the bootcamp experience.
  2. Beginner-friendly lessons in IoT security, social engineering, cryptography and virtualization technology are a great way to explore cybersecurity and decide if it’s right for you.
  3. Intro to Coding – These coding lessons are meant to help you learn the basics of HTML & CSS, Javascript, Ruby and API Integration. The lessons are completely free of charge.
  4. Intro to Product Design – The think like a designer lesson will introduce you to this creative tech field that combines design thinking, user experience (UX), and intuitive design fundamentals to design user-friendly digital products.

Cybersecurity Engineering – Live | Flex

At Flatiron School, aspiring cybersecurity professionals are taught the skills they need to launch careers as cybersecurity analysts and engineers in as little as 15 weeks. For both Live and Flex learning options, you will complete nine foundational courses in subjects like network and system security, threat intelligence, hunt skills, cryptography, and governance, risk and compliance. About 50% of your time will be spent in the proprietary Cyber Range lab environment, a sandbox where students can safely explore, track, gather, break and build things. This balance of theory and practical skills will allow you to start your cyber career in months instead of years, and will prepare you to hit the ground running on your first day on the job.

Data Science – Live | Flex

At Flatiron School, aspiring data professionals are taught the skills they need to launch careers as data analysts, scientists, and engineers in as little as 15 weeks. You’ll learn relevant skills like Python, SQL, JSON, linear regression, data structures, combinatorics, machine learning algorithms, natural language processing, recommendation systems and more. Our project-based approach provides graduates with the opportunity to showcase their job readiness to potential employers with a full portfolio upon completion of the program. In 15 weeks, students develop the foundational knowledge and learning agility to grow as the industry continues to evolve at its rapid pace.

This program covers data science, JavaScript, data structures, algorithms, machine learning, SQL, and jQuery. This is a great platform to gain relevant knowledge and skills to become a data scientist. You will learn how to gather reliable insight and apply information for practical solutions. This full-time course is hard work, but you’ll know everything you need to be a great data scientist.

Software Engineering – Live In-Person | Flex Full Time

Being a software engineer requires more than knowing how to code or build a web application. This program teaches you to learn to think, and build, like software engineers — from developing coding proficiency to gaining an understanding of how products are designed and managed. Students develop key skills through interactive labs, lectures, and close collaboration, showcasing progress through Portfolio Projects. While the bulk of the material covered encompasses the Ruby and JavaScript ecosystems, we carefully designed our curriculum to prepare students to launch software engineering careers, independent of any specific language or technology.

Product Design – Live In-Person | Flex Full Time

This program teaches you the in-demand UX/UI skills necessary to launch a career in product design. Flatiron School’s product design course teaches you the UX/UI processes that shape products and how to collaborate with developers, designers, and other stakeholders to communicate a product vision that serves both the end-user and the business — the cornerstone of good design. You will learn by doing, through multiple projects and a case study, you will build a visual portfolio utilizing the latest technology and tools. This portfolio will help position you for job seeking success post-graduation.

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What Is the Flatiron School Schedule?

Flatiron School has flexible learning options, from 15 to 60 weeks. Below are some of the Flatiron School schedules you can explore.


The full-time program demands 40 hours each week for 15weeks. The full-time program is quite demanding and requires total commitment to succeed. This bootcamp option is perfect if you have the time and energy to learn new skills quickly. In as little as four months, you can transform your career and life.

Flex/At your own pace

The part-time courses take 20,40, or 60weeks to complete depending on the pace that you choose. These options can work for any schedule. You can take timed classes or self-paced. If you’re a full-time student or you are currently working, you should consider our flex option

How to Get Accepted Into Flatiron School

If you want to get into Flatiron School, you need to prepare a great application. You need to demonstrate the right set of qualities to impress the admissions team. The school receives thousands of applications, so you need to stand out from the crowd. To find out more about how to stand out from the crowd, you can read The Insider’s Guide to Acing Your Flatiron School Admissions Interview or you can get started with learning the basics with Flatiron School’s free lessons in coding, data science, cybersecurity and product design.

Flatiron School students come from a variety of backgrounds but are all constant learners. The school prioritizes qualities like attitude, passion and potential over education level, though you do need to have a high school diploma or equivalent to enroll. Because of this, the school does not admit solely based on education level. To succeed in the application process, show your passion, innovation, determination, and interest.

Application Process

To apply, submit your application and share a bit about yourself and what’s driving you to start a new career. During the application process, you will speak with an admissions representative in a non-technical interview to allow for the opportunity to get to know each other better in a friendly conversation.

You will also need to complete a 15-minute critical thinking and problem-solving assessment afterwards.

You will receive your acceptance decision from Admissions within 4 business days of completing your assessment.

Interview Questions

Flatiron School interview questions will help the admissions team understand your background and your goals. The admissions team focuses on making sure you have the necessary skills and qualities for their intensive tech programs. Here are some topics that the interviewer might ask you about.

  • Career goals
  • Demonstrated passion for learning new things
  • Career background
  • Technical questions
  • Experience in completing Flatiron School’s free lessons or other relevant materials

Is Flatiron School Right for You?

Flatiron School is right for anyone who wants to become a skilled software engineer, data scientist, cybersecurity professional, or product designer. Its courses are perfect for people who wish to switch their careers to tech careers. It helps beginners develop competitive skills.

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Flatiron School is a successful coding school, with proven outcomes for its graduates. Their career-changing courses attract attention from industry professionals and students alike.

This school is an excellent alternative to higher-learning institutions. You can focus on exactly what you want to learn. Flatiron School’s curriculum, instructors, and career services are exceptional. If you’re ready to expand your tech career, you should apply for Flatiron School.


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