Canada Visit Visa from Dubai | Canada Visa | Regal Tours (2023)

Canada Visit Visa from Dubai

Canada Visa For UAE Residents

Dubai’s #1 Canada Visa Provider To People
& To Travel Agencies in Dubai

Regal Dubai Travel Agency is the best place to get your Canada visit visa from Dubai UAE.

The qualified visa experts & consultants at Regal Tours with extensive knowledge of visas and regulations will help you with your complete Canada visa application process.

Regal Tours will help you with the entire process including your fastest appointment at VFS, affordable air ticket, discounted hotel booking, and other necessary supporting documents which are required to get approval for your Canada visa.

Dubai’s #1 Canada Visa Provider To People& To Travel Agencies in Dubai

Canada visit visa requirements from Dubai UAE

  • Copy of all pages of your passport ( new and old )
  • Your UAE residence visa copy
  • 1 Passport size photo, white background without smiling and no glasses
  • Emirates ID copy
  • 6 months bank statement
  • Original NOC from your company ( We will share the correct format with you )
  • Trade license copy (If you are a business partner in UAE.)
  • When you apply for your Canada visa through Regal Dubai Travel Agency, you can be assured that your visa application is handled by the best Government recognized visa experts.
  • Please send us the documents, our travel consultants will study your documents and will guide you step by step through the entire process until approval. We will take care of your Canada VFS appointment and all the steps until your Canada visa is approved.
  • Most people in Dubai prefer Regal Travel Agency for processing their visa application becauseRegal Tours is a highly experienced visa service providing Travel Agency in Dubai for over 10 years and is also directly registered with Dubai Government, Dubai Immigration, and Dubai Tourism.
  • Regal Travel Agency Dubai specializes in providing professional visa services such as multiple entry Tourist and Business visas for individuals wishing to visit Canada.
  • If you are a non-UAE resident, or if you are outside UAE and looking for a Canada visa, Regal can still help you to get your visa through VFS service.
  • Please WhatsApp or email us mentioning your travel plan to Canada, & we will do the needful to get your fastest VFS appointment and the accurate required documents. Also, we will give you sufficient guidance throughout the entire process.

How much Canada visit visa fee from Dubai?

  • AED 1600 including visa fee, preparation of all documents, appointment fee, and the processing fee.
  • Regal will get your earliest appointment date with the premium fee.
  • Please remember to buy your medical covered travel insurance which will cover any unexpected emergencies, and below mentioned are your benefits.

    1. You will get 24 hours, 7 days a week - worldwide assistance wherever you go, not only in Canada, but in any part of the world.

    2. This medical covered travel insurance will cover your Canada trip as well as your next trips to all other countries too, so this insurance will benefit you worldwide, wherever you go.

    3. This Insurance will cover your all kind of unexpected medical emergencies and medical expenses up to USD 50,000 which is going to be very good for you, which all other travelers buy.

    4. This will also cover you up to USD 1,000 for your Dental medical expenses, (200 USD per tooth).

    Please ask Regal consultants to issue the insurance for you, let you be covered and be safe.

How does my Canada visa process happens?

1. We will collect your documents.
2. We get the fastest appointment for you at VFS Centre.
3. We will prepare all the necessary documents and send them to you, which are required to get your visa approved.
4. You will visit VFS centre on your appointment date and will submit all documents and wait for the approval & visa.

How long does it take to get my Canada visa from UAE?

  • Canada Visit Visa Processing time from Dubai is 60 to 90 days from the date of submission.

Get your premium VFS lounge service and avoid waiting

  • While applying for your Canada visa, please take VFS premium lounge service, so that you don't have to wait in long queues for hours and hours. This special VFS lounge service will get you quickly as the first applicant and the VFS premium staff will personally take care of your applications as their most priority.

How do I apply for my Canada visa from Dubai UAE?

  1. Please send mentioned documents by WhatsApp to us on+971508474794 or by email us to
  2. Please feel free to call Regal Dubai Travel Agency and book your visa consultation.

How do I pay for my Canada visa from UAE?

  • Once we have received your above documents, we will reply to you with the online & offline payment methods.
  • We accept all types of online & offline payment methods including accepting all credit / debit cards and crypto.
  • You can pay to our agency bank account, the payment can also be done at Regal Tours office by cash or card.
  • You can also pay us through any money exchange near to you.

Got More Questions?

  • If you have any more questions or if you need any further help, please call us any time you want, or send us a WhatsApp message or send us an email.
  • All of our office emails are guaranteed to be replied within a maximum of 1 business hour.
  • You can also use the query form in this page to get in touch with us.

If you have any more questions, please call us or WhatsApp us or email us or use the below form


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Send above mentioned documents by WhatsApp to us on+971508474794or by email us

    1. We study and prepare your documents
    2. We take your appointment
    3. We will give you the necessary documents which are required to get approval.
    4. You visit the VFS with documents and submit them, wait for the approval and visa to come.

    AED 1600 for UAE Residents

    • Copy of your passport
    • Valid UAE residence visa
    • 1 Passport photo size with white background
    • Emirates ID copy
    • 6 months Bank statements
    • NOC letter from your current employer

    Apply Now

    Canada Visit Visa from Dubai | Canada Visa | Regal Tours (2)+971 50 8474 794

    Office: +971 4 2635 888

    Toll-Free: 800 123 321 (UAE)



    Why do most people prefer Regal Dubai Travel Agency?

    Canada Visit Visa from Dubai | Canada Visa | Regal Tours (3)

    UAE Embassies in other countries recommend Regal Tours to those who approach the consulate offices for Dubai visas since Regal is directly associated with Dubai Govt. & Immigration offices.

    Canada Visit Visa from Dubai | Canada Visa | Regal Tours (4)Even on public holidays, when no one else is working in Dubai, Regal always has dedicated staff to work on your urgent visas & on the express visa approval on the same day, this is possible since Dubai immigration has given direct submission and approval access to Regal for an emergency, urgent & express visas.

    Canada Visit Visa from Dubai | Canada Visa | Regal Tours (5)Visas processed through Regal gets faster, quicker & easier approval owing to the credibility and reputation of Regal, and also due to the accuracy in carefully preparing and submitting documents, which is gained through years of deeper experience.

    Canada Visit Visa from Dubai | Canada Visa | Regal Tours (6)Those visas which were previously rejected gets approved when applied through Regal, regardless of the status, whether it is stuck in the process or shows as already rejected. The resubmission and reconsideration requests from Regal gets accepted & the visas get approved.

    Canada Visit Visa from Dubai | Canada Visa | Regal Tours (7)Airlines offices in other countries ask people to go through Regal, since Regal is a major visa service provider to Airlines visa processing requirements.

    Canada Visit Visa from Dubai | Canada Visa | Regal Tours (8)Regal has its name as the best Travel Agency in Dubai & No. 1 visa service provider in Dubai, UAE for over 10 years, also the most popular Travel brand in Dubai.

    Canada Visit Visa from Dubai | Canada Visa | Regal Tours (9)Most travel agencies in Dubai submit their visa applications through Regal to avoid rejections & to get faster approval. We have staffs who are experts in taking care of travel arrangements and who were specialized in getting up quick approvals for visit visas.

    Canada Visit Visa from Dubai | Canada Visa | Regal Tours (10)Regal has expert staff for each section such as Dubai UAE visas, worldwide visas, hotel bookings, airline ticketing, tours and holidays, etc. once you come to Regal, you do not have to look at different places for different services. It means, under 1 umbrella, your A to Z travel requirements are carefully well taken care of.

    Canada Visit Visa from Dubai | Canada Visa | Regal Tours (11)You can easily contact Regal consultants at any time via phone, WhatsApp, or email. You will always get an immediate response, and assistance from Regal staff, which means there is no waiting time.

    Canada Visit Visa from Dubai | Canada Visa | Regal Tours (12)The recorded & documented 1.3 Million happy customers of Regal keeps on recommending Regal to their friends & helps Regal to spread the good reputation, reliability across 150 countries.

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